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Pain Relief Through Magnetic Therapy

What is Magnetic Therapy?
How and why do magnets work?

There are four basic functions through which magnetic energy can provide therapeutic comfort and healing:

Alleviate or Relieve Pain
Assist Bodyís Healing Functions
Improve Circulation
Revitalize the Bodyís Energy

Magnetic therapy is a fascinating natural science and an astounding technology that can help even the healthiest person feel and look better. Some people using magnetic therapy are getting results and relief within minutes, hours, or in just a few days, from head, neck, shoulder, back, wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, and foot problems. Many people with more serious health problems are having their discomfort eased.

Magnetic energy attracts iron and other electrically charged blood particles to the area of discomfort or pain. Blood is drawn towards the magnet at an accelerated pace, which in turn, fully oxygenates the blood cells. This enriched blood supply and enhanced circulation causes blood vessels to dilate allowing the injured tissue (whether muscles, organs, tendons, cartilage, bone etc.) to receive additional oxygen and nutrients, thus promoting healing.

Magnetic energy acts to quiet the nerves. When pain is experienced, nerve endings become more active and send strong electric pain signals to the brain. Magnetic energy decreases the electrical activity and helps close the pain signal channels. The degree of pain relief derived is dependent upon the source and intensity of the pain. Therefore, it is possible for individuals to have varying results.

The use of Magnetic Therapy for Pain Relief is rapidly gaining acceptance by even traditional doctors throughout the United States and the World. Magnetic therapy is commonly recommended for use on sports injuries and chronic pain conditions including: tendonitis, sprains and strains, overuse syndrome, wrist pain, tennis elbow, back pain, knee pain and a multitude of other uses.

Magnetic Therapy is natural, simple, fast, safe and inexpensive. It is external and non-invasive, and is completely free from side effects. However, persons using pacemakers, defibrillators or insulin pumps should not use magnetic therapy products as they may cause a disturbance in the electric charge of your device. Use by pregnant women is not recommended.  Please consult with a health care professional if in question.

About Our Products


Magnetic Necklaces


Magnetic Bracelets

Our magnetic jewelry is made with very high-powered magnets (approximately 1,700 to 2,100 gauss in each magnet). We use the finest quality materials available, including sterling silver, genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls, catís eye, tiger eye, Czech crystals, and high-grade elastic cording that will not lose its shape or rust and is very difficult to break under normal use.


Magnetic Anklets


Jewelry for Men

The magnets used in our jewelry have healing properties and many people have reported results and relief within just a few short days. Discomfort in the head, neck, shoulders, back, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and feet may start to dissipate within minutes or hours. Even those with more serious health problems have had their discomfort eased when using this alternative self-care method.

For best results, we suggest you wear your magnetic jewelry all day and all night. If you donít wear it at night, you will miss out on many hours of magnetic therapy because when youíre at rest is when your body is trying to heal itself. Many people feel some results within 2-3 days and, sometimes, overnight. It is not necessary to remove your bracelet when showering or bathing.


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